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All I Want:  see: Try Seventeen.
angst: (somewhat different from regular dictionary definition) a state of physical and/or mental pain suffered by a sympathetic fictional character, with the suffering being strong enough to emotionally involve the audience (also see Nat angst).
angsty: describes a film scene or moment that contains a lot of angst.

angst maven: a female (if there's an equivalent masculine term out there, I don't know what it is, although there is indisputable evidence that equivalent male persons do exist) who tends to be so emotionally moved by angst that she wants a film scene to contain as much of it as possible, especially if it involves a particularly sympathetic character (e.g., Frodo; in fact, for some, basically i.e., Frodo).   
Animated Movie that Shall Not Be Named, The:  well, do you think I'm going to name it here?  

"At least it's not Josh Hartnett":  (archaic) Traditional Faculty member response when another male actor of approximately EJW's age gets an award or recognition that should have gone to Elijah (unless, of course, it is Josh Hartnett).

Bloom, Orlando: LotR movie actor who has graciously taken on the onerous jobs of making blockbuster movies and appearing on the covers of teen fan mags so Elijah can do other things.  Even though Orlando is - for some inexplicable reason - considered "hotter" than Elijah, he's so nice about it, and he and Elijah are such good friends, that he doesn't elicit the same negative responses as, say, Josh Hartnett (and, besides, he didn't get Elijah hooked on cigarettes).
brain bleach:  Chemical developed by Faculty researcher specifically to remove unpleasant residues after a viewing of Black and White.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that some people may find it helpful after watching TAMTSNBN and/or Elijah's episode of Punk'd, but there is limited research on its efficacy for these off-label uses. See: TAMTSNBN, PPTSD.
camera angels (origin: a typo that made sense): camera angles that are particularly flattering for elwoodian features.
Caravaggio Frodo (var. Caravaggio moment):  describes a shot or scene involving Frodo in an LotR movie that is reminiscent of Caravaggio's use of color and lighting.

cloak action:  a subspecialty of Frolijah research that studies the effects of air currents and character movement on his cloak (can be used in regard to either pre-Lorien or post-Lorien cloak, as long as it's Frolijah's).  
dead hobbit pic:  a screencap of Frodo which, if looked at in isolation, would make you say, "That's one dead hobbit!"  These moments become important in the story especially when the Ring is taking control.
deer in the headlights:  paralyzed, wide-eyed fear; an expression some people who evidently don't pay much attention claim Frodo exhibits through 98% of the LotR movies.  Not that he never shows it, but there are a helluva lot of other emotions that share the time, as well.  

DVD: wonder of modern technology that allows a researcher to skip unimportant scenes in a movie (i.e., scenes without Elijah in them), view important scenes frame-by-frame or in close-up, listen to commentaries while watching the movie and, most importantly, to make screencaps.  See also: VCD, VHS.
Elido: Elijah in Frodo costume but not in character (antonym of, and completely distinguishable from, Frolijah).
elwoodian (adj):  of, regarding, pertaining to, or reminiscent of... well... Elwood.
eyebrow acting: use of the eyebrows to express a character's emotions (also see: forehead scrunching); importance in elwoodian research is that each character exhibits a different variant.

Faculty, The:  the group of people who post in "The Faculty Lounge."  Not to be confused with the movie of the same name, in which the faculty members really are from another planet instead of just seeming that way.
Faculty Lounge, The:  shortened name for "The Faculty Lounge: An Elijah Wood Discussion" thread.  Although it has gone through a couple of name changes and a few moves because of message board crashes and reorganizations, it is still completely contiguous with its initial post in December 2001, praising Elijah's acting in LotR-FotR.  
Faculty member: any individual who posts in "The Faculty Lounge," q.v.  Definition of the title is often expanded to include lurkers.

FinnFro:  a combination of a pic of Elijah playing Huck Finn with a pic of him playing Frodo, in an attempt to see what Frolijah might have looked like at a younger age. (It normally involves superimposing Frodo's wig onto the Huck Finn picture and it can be cute, amazing, or downright scary!)
forehead scrunching: the effect of high-level eyebrow acting (q.v.) on the skin and muscles of the forehead, denoting character's extreme worry or difficult thought process.
frame-by-frame: looking at each frame of a scene, etc., separately, not skipping any of them.  Preferred form of Faculty research when time and bandwidth allow.

Frodo as we always knew him: A shot, scene, bit of dialogue, etc., of Frolijah that fits book-Frodo so perfectly that it feels like seeing him onscreen (which shots, scenes, bits of dialogue, etc., these are varies for each person).

Frodo gene:  A gene researchers have identified in frogs, that is necessary for the proper development of the eyes (yes, really).  
Frodotype (ant. Froshadowing): a matching of a pic of Elijah as Frodo with a similar pic of him in one of his post-LotR roles.

FroFinn: variant of FinnFro, q.v.
Froshadowing (ant. Frodotype):  a matching of a pic of Elijah in one of his pre-LotR roles with a similar pic of him as Frodo.
Frolijah: Elijah in character (not just in costume) as Frodo.  The name is based on the belief that there's something deeper than the usual actor/character connection when Elijah plays Frodo (ant. Elido).
froward (adj.): disobedient, contrary, contumacious, difficult, defiant, fractious, fresh, impudent, obstinate. (Has nothing whatsoever to do with Frodo, except for starting with the same letters.)

full blink: a normal blinking of the eyes, as opposed to a half blink, q.v.

germane:  well, just your normal definition, but Elijah used it (correctly) during a live interview, and I was so impressed that an actor would do that...  
half blink: an action that looks like a normal blinking of the eyes when seen at full speed, but is shown to be an incomplete blink when watched in slow or stop motion. It has the effect of making the character look more "on guard," even though the audience isn't consciously aware of it. It's used by other actors, too, but Elijah's especially good at it.
Hartnett, Josh:  His character helped Casey save the world. The actor himself is excoriated by most Faculty members because he got Elijah hooked on cigarettes.  It doesn't help that for some inexplicable reason he's considered "hotter" than Elijah--although Josh can't really be blamed for that (I guess).  
"How does he do that?": describes an instance of Elijah doing something while acting that should be humanly possible only for someone in the real-life situation, such as his body responding to a sword that isn't really there, or to a gunshot to the back that doesn't really happen (also see microexpression).  
"Kill me now!": label given the first days after Elijah's casting as Frodo, when some woefully uninformed Tolkienites were convinced that his casting would ruin the LotR movies.
jaw setting: a specific, slightly off-center movement of the jaw that's seen when Frolijah becomes especially determined and/or makes a difficult decision.  Research is continuing as to whether this is used in any other of Elijah's roles.
jawline acting: changing the appearance of the face and neck, usually affecting how thin/not thin the character appears.  May be accomplished by the position in which an actor holds his head (cf: sternocleidomastoid), use of camera angels (q.v.), use of make-up, or a combination of the above.  

Jonathan:  The character named Jonathan Safran Foer in Everything Is Illuminated.  (Also see:  JSF.)

JSF:  The author named Jonathan Safran Foer who wrote Everything Is Illuminated (Also see: Jonathan.)
microexpression: term used by a researcher at the University of California-San Francisco for small changes in facial expression that are outside the conscious control of the individual.

microexpression theory:  the hypothesis that one reason Elijah's acting is uniquely natural is that he somehow, probably subconsciously, exhibits the microexpressions the character would show in the situation.

Mikey II: the 17-year-old hitman in Chain of Fools, to differentiate him from Mikey (Carver) in The Ice Storm.
money shot, the:  (earliest recorded use: Dominic Monaghan during the cast commentary on the FotR EE DVD) the first full-face, close-up shot of Frodo in FotR.

Mumblijah (by proper philology, should probably be based on Elido rather than Frolijah, but "Elible" just doesn't quite do it): Elijah as Mumble in Happy Feet. The name is based on the uncanny ability of the film animators to make Mumble look like Elijah, almost (?) to the use of microexpressions, but still be a penguin.
Nat angst: 1. angst (q.v.) suffered by Nat in Forever Young, unrecognized until identified by a prominent Faculty researcher.   2. by extension, angst suffered by any other EJW character who seems, on the surface, to be angst-free, such as... uh... hmmm...
nostril acting:  changing the shape of the nostrils to express an emotion; not usually applied to such often-used and blatant changes as "flaring" the nostrils to show anger.  The instance of nostril acting against which every other instance must be measured is the moment Frolijah becomes aware of Gandalf's voice as he stands by the Anduin.
One Expression, the: combined term for all of the emotional and facial expressions shown by Frolijah throughout LotR (source: a humorous/ironic/sarcastic reference to the people who claim Frolijah exhibits only one expression continuously throughout all three movies).
One Lad, the:  You get one guess.

picspam: misnomer for flood of EJW pictures posted at the beginning of a new Faculty Lounge thread, in that "spam" is a term normally used for unwanted floods of something.
PPTSD (Post Punk'd Traumatic Stress Disorder): Psychological disorder that began appearing in Elijah Wood fans during May 2006, identified as a specific syndrome by a Faculty researcher after the publication of numerous case studies (i.e., posts on message boards).  Most effective treatment appears to be the application of TOL in a warm-fuzzy TV moment. Efficacy of brain bleach (q.v.) for this disorder is uncertain.
research: what Faculty members claim to be doing when watching any film with Elijah Wood in it.  

scale double: when a Hobbit and a Man are in a frame together, the one whose face you don't see.
screencap: one frame of a movie made into a still, a DVD feature that allows frame-by-frame study, making it obviously invented for the purpose of Elijah Wood research.
secret Sam smile: a very specific smile that has, at this point, been identified in only three instances, each of which involves Frolijah smiling about Sam while facing away from him.  Keen observation by Faculty members has not--so far--found any other use of this specific smile in any of Elijah's roles. [Note: release of the RotK movie caused a great deal of uncertainty in secret Sam smile research, raising speculations that there may be Sam smiles that are not specifically secret Sam smiles, and when Frodo doesn't have anything left to hide, that his Sam smiles may be identical to secret Sam smiles.  Some uncertainty still exists, but the general consensus among elwoodian researchers is that the three secret Sam smiles are still a specific facial expression, unrepeated elsewhere.]

skin fold analysis: not what it sounds like.  A new field of Faculty research closely related to jawline acting (q.v.), that is, how does jawline acting affect skin folds in the neck (hey, we're nothing if not thorough).

squeesearch: noisy research (q.v.).
sternocleidomastoid: muscle that allows the head to turn from side to side. Elijah has an exceptionally expressive pair. See also jawline acting.  

TMFKAH: The Movie Formerly Known as Hooligans.

TOL: see: One Lad, the.
Try Seventeen:  see: All I Want.

unicorn: See weird horse.
VCD: a type of technology with research value greater than that of a VHS but less than that of a DVD.  The technology seems to be available only in Asia, but as its greatest research advantage is not being limited by "region" as are DVDs and VHSs, that becomes a good thing for North Americans.  
VHS: the type of technology used to watch Elijah Wood movies that for some unknown reason are not available on DVD or VCD.  Limited research potential because of lack of frame-by-frame/screencapping capability, but better than nothing.  
weird horse: what non-appreciators of Elijah would call a unicorn.
Wood, Elijah Jordan: a.k.a. EJW, EW, Elwood, Lij, Hannah's brother, Mr. Wood, "That kid from Deep Impact/Flipper", "Who was that playing Frodo?"and, um, Elijah Wood.  If you need more of a definition than this, immediately visit the Faculty Lounge for remedial education. the place to go for VCDs (q.v.) and some EJW movies not found in region 1 coding.

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