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Random Screencap for Jan./Feb. 2011
(For random Frodo screencaps, see the What's New page: caps are changed each time that page is updated.)

 Frodotype for
Jan./Feb. 2009
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For Elijah Wood Geeks

Geeks (n.): 1. People who are passionately interested in a particular subject to which normal people pay little or no attention.  2. Generally the most interesting people.*

Disclaimer: These pages are for looking at, talking about, and openly admiring EJW's acting, and the only pics here are from his films.  If you're looking for anything else about him, you won't find it here--but don't worry, you can find it lots of other places.  And if you don't know what I'm referring to--Welcome! You'll fit right in!

In This Section:
Glossary:  If you run across a puzzling word in this section, it's probably a term that's geeky shorthand for a perfectly understandable (?) concept.  Check this page to find out.  And, okay, some of it's just for fun.
Movie-Frodo-related essay on the Tolkien half of the site:

New for September 2009: Review of 9

Scenes from LotR Movies
New for September 2009: Another Houses of Healing page

Scenes from non-LotR Movies

And if you just can't get enough of talking about our favorite geek, drop in at The Faculty Lounge in the Frodo lives... forum.
*For the few visitors who might not know, definition 2 is based on a quote from Elijah.

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