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About This Site

DECEMBER 2005:  When the news that the LotR movies were going to be made exploded, I was pretty involved in fiction writing. I had a number of spec-fic short stories and a fantasy novel that I was collecting rejection notices on, and was halfway through a second novel.  But having so much Tolkien news around and, even more, discovering other people on the web who were actually interested in Tolkien, sucked me back into nonfiction pretty easily; who needs to create alternate realities when you've got Middle-earth? That's the source and primary purpose of this website. Elijah Wood stuck his foot in the door during the "kill me now" days when I assembled one page of short comments on his acting in various movies to give evidence that he was the one actor who could handle playing Frodo - if anyone could. Having other people become interested in his acting after seeing him play Frodo has led to growth in that part of the site. For some history, see the site archives.

This website does not sell anything or require payment for use for any part of it. It does contain affiliate ads. I don't want anyone to buy something they wouldn't have bought anyway, but if you're going to buy something anyway, I'd appreciate the commission.  I know there are people who go out of their way to buy things through links on this site, and that's a wonderful source of support, both financial and emotional. There are no ads on pages with screencaps, as I consider that part of following fair use copyright guidelines.

As has been true all along, there's so much stuff available "out there," especially Tolkien-related, that I feel one of my services is to get as much of it as possible organized in the Bywater Shopping Mall so it's easier for people to find what they're looking for.  Other ads are placed on pages with related content; any merchant, notably, may on occasion "feed" its own ads and these may at times link to products not directly related to this website.

Note regarding the following policies: The forum on this site has its own set of policies. Please refer to the forum for those.

INFORMATION GATHERED BY THIS WEBSITE:  The only information collected by this website from visitors is information given voluntarily and knowingly by a visitor through use of a site feedback button or through email to the site owner.  The only use the site will make of any such gathered information is to aid in making site content decisions or (if such use is specifically permitted by the visitor) to post the material on this website.  The only exception would be in the case of information disclosure required by law.  

INFORMATION GATHERED BY THIRD PARTIES:  Third parties (including advertisers) may serve content and/or advertisements and collect information directly from visitors and may place and/or recognize cookies on a visitor's browser.  The owner of this website is not responsible for any action of such third parties, and recommends that a visitor examine the privacy policy of any such third party before supplying it with information.


The copyright of any original material submitted to the website for the stated purpose of the material being posted on the website remains with the author, the website obtaining a one-use right to publish the material on this site only.  Any such publication will include acknowledgment of authorship and of the author's copyright, if such information is supplied to the website by the author.  At any time, the owner of the website will honor an author's request that the material not be published (if request is made before publication), or that it be removed from the site (if request is made after publication).  In no way is submission of any original material to this website to be understood as a promise, guarantee, or assurance by the website that any such material will, in fact, be posted.  The owner of the website retains all right to decisions regarding content of the site, including the right to edit any original material submitted for publication on the site.  If an author disagrees with any editorial change made by the owner of the website, his or her only recourse is to request the removal of the original material from the website.  As stated above, such a request will always be honored.
USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL:  Because the primary purpose of this website is to review, critique, and offer commentary on books by and about J.R.R. Tolkien and on movies in which Elijah J. Wood plays a character, short excerpts from such books and movies are often used to make a review, critique, or commentary more useful and/or more easily understood.  Because the excerpts are used in this manner only, and because they are brief in relation to the entire work, their use is believed by the site owner to be within the bounds of fair use.  If any copyright holder believes this to not be the case and asks (by contacting the site owner) that the material not be published on the site, the copyrighted material in question will be immediately removed.  All book excerpts and movie images used on this site have been taken personally by the site owner from legitimately available and legally purchased media, in order to ensure that none are from a pirated copy of any work. The one exception to the previous statement is screencaps from the movie Day-O, which are taken from a privately-recorded-from-television DVD because there is no known source for purchasing the movie in any form.  If we find a legal source for purchasing same, we will do so immediately and use screencaps only from that.


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