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Anything with the painted-on-the-wall-lookingwas created using the free make-your-own button and logo service at  Many of the page backgrounds, including all versions of brick walls, are available in that site's free "Ultimate Backgrounds" resource.

The guestbook is from Cut and Paste Scripts--free and ad-free.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos and artwork other than screencaps from Elijah Wood's movies are available copyright free from the Ultimate Image Archive.  They now charge a small membership fee for the ability to download images and view the large images (thumbnails can still be viewed free).

(See site copyright policy for use of copyrighted pictures and text.)

Sites Related to Specific Movies

Dougie Brimson's site:  A good place to keep up with news on Hooligans/The Yank, or to learn more about the Hooligan culture.

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If you have a Frodo, JRRT, and/or EJW-related site (family-friendly only, please, and without privacy invasion if EJW-related), we'd love to have you link to us.  If you'd like a reciprocal link from this site, please email me so I can check out your site. Search engines prefer text links over graphics, but if a logo fits your site design better than words, here are two you can choose from, in either .jpeg or .gif format (the blue background is not part of the image):  


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